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Chemical industry, covering a wide range of products, technologies and application markets. We also track the chemical R&D space; focusing on new platforms and provide market potential and feasibility studies.
  • Plastics, Polymers & resins
  • Petrochemicals and downstream derivatives
  • Construction & utilities
  • Agrochemicals & fertilizers
  • Water & industrial sludge treatment
  • Personal care & cosmetics
  • Paints, coatings and printing inks

Material technology sector, focusing on manufacturing/materials and cutting-edge technologies. Our team of experts publishes comprehensive studies, containing critical market insights, key industry trends, technology and application development, emerging business models, competitive landscape and regulatory environment. Research areas also include intelligent building management systems, energy efficient insulation materials, and green building technologies and practices. Smart city developments are also included in the research program, along with energy efficiency technologies and business practices for industrial markets. Key industries covered under advanced materials include,
  • Smart textiles
  • Green building materials
  • Nanoparticles
  • Specialty glass, ceramic and fiber
  • Automotive and aerospace interior materials and parts
  • Micro molding and microspheres
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Energy & Power:-

Our research and analytics team provides insightful market data on a global as well as regional level focused on the conventional as well as renewable energy and power space. Our research reports also identify growth opportunities and Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the market, enabling senior management to make more informed strategic decisions. Additionally, we also provide research partnership and consulting services for key focus markets which include,

  • Oil & gas drilling and extraction equipments
  • Power generation & storage
  • Power distribution systems & components
  • Sustainable & unconventional energy
  • Backup power solutions

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